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Yellowheart is a hardwood species that grows almost exclusively in Brazil.  It has a pale to golden yellow heartwood with a good resistance to darkening over time.  Grain structure is straight with a uniform texture a good natural sheen.  Yellow heart machines, glues, and turns well, but has a blunting effect on edged cutters, and from time to time can be found with interlocking grain that can be somewhat difficult to prevent tearout.  It has been used for flooring, furniture, boat building, and as an accent piece in in craft and turned items.  Due to export restrictions on goods coming out of brazil, it has become increasingly hard to source, and when it is, it is generally cost prohibitive with regards to alternatives sourced elsewhere.  It has a janka hardness of 1800 and weighs 4.9 pounds per board foot.

4/4 refers to lumber that was cut at 1 inch thickness
15/16ths has been skip planed (a majority of the surfacing work has been done, there may be a few spots that are still rough, but the grain of the particular piece of wood should be visible)
13/16ths is commonly called finish planed.  This should be ready for sanding and finish
Ripped 1 edge is lumber that has been run through a straight-line rip saw.  This allows for easy squaring on a table saw.
Sanded refers to a select few lumber options that have been run through a belt sander and are 100% finish ready.
5/4 lumber was sawn at 1.25 inches in thickness.

6/4 lumber was sawn at 1.5 inches in thickness.

8/4 lumber was sawn at 2 inches in thickness.

10/4 lumber was sawn at 2.5 inches in thickness.

12/4 lumber was sawn at 3 inches in thickness.