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Bloodwood, scientifically known as Brosimum rubescens, is a tropical hardwood species found in Central and South America. It is highly regarded for its striking red color, durability, and workability.

Appearance and Characteristics

Bloodwood is known for its vibrant and intense reddish color, often resembling fresh blood, which is where its name is derived. The wood has a fine to medium texture and a straight grain pattern. It is moderately heavy, typically weighing around 3.7 to 4.6 pounds per board foot (842 to 1045 kilograms per cubic meter). The bold red hue of Bloodwood makes it a sought-after choice for both aesthetic and structural applications.


Bloodwood is prized for its workability. It is relatively easy to machine, cut, shape, and sand, making it a favorite among woodworkers. The wood holds screws and nails securely and glues well. While it is dense and can be challenging to carve intricate details, it is favored for its strength and durability.

Uses in Woodworking

Bloodwood wood finds various applications in woodworking, including:

  • Fine Furniture: It is a popular choice for crafting fine furniture, providing a bold and luxurious appearance. Bloodwood is often used in making tables, cabinets, and decorative inlays.

  • Cabinetry: Bloodwood's rich color and durability make it suitable for cabinetry, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Flooring: It is used in hardwood flooring applications to create a bold and elegant look. Its hardness and resistance to wear make it suitable for high-traffic areas.

  • Veneer: Bloodwood is sometimes sliced into veneer for use in paneling, decorative surfaces, and fine woodworking projects.

  • Woodturning: Bloodwood is a favored wood for woodturning. Its dense nature allows woodturners to create intricately turned items such as bowls, platters, and spindles. The striking red color makes these turned pieces visually captivating.


Bloodwood wood exhibits excellent durability:

  • Indoor Use: Bloodwood is well-suited for indoor applications, offering resistance to wear and decay. Its bold color adds a distinctive touch to interior projects.

  • Outdoor Use: While Bloodwood is highly durable, it is not typically used for outdoor applications due to its susceptibility to weather and moisture. It is primarily chosen for indoor projects.

  • Bug/Insect and Rot Resistance: Bloodwood is naturally resistant to insects and decay, which contributes to its longevity, especially in indoor applications.

All lumber now ships surfaced on 2 sides, and ripped on 1 edge at a minimum. Surfacing is done to a 1/16th over nominal (+- .030). Also the option for a rip to width is now available for a premium price. Ripping is done on an industrial straight line/gang rip machine. While the rip will be consistent end to end, the fence may not always end up in the same spot between orders. Rip widths will be within 1/8th of an inch of stated widths.

4/4  will be surfaced to 13/16ths.

5/4  will be surfaced to 1 and 1/16th.

6/4  6/4 will be surfaced to 1 and 5/16ths.

8/4  will be surfaced to 1 and 13/16ths.

10/4  will be surfaced to 2 and 5/16ths.

16/4  will be surfaced to 2 and 13/16ths.