White Limba

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White Limba

White Limba, scientifically known as Terminalia superba, is a hardwood tree species native to West and Central Africa. It is highly regarded for its light color, workability, and versatility in woodworking.

Appearance and Characteristics

White Limba wood is celebrated for its pale to light yellow or cream-colored appearance, which often deepens slightly with age. The wood typically has a straight grain pattern and a medium texture. White Limba is moderately lightweight, typically weighing around 2.8 to 3.0 pounds per board foot (636 to 680 kilograms per cubic meter).


White Limba is prized for its excellent workability. It is relatively easy to machine, cut, shape, and sand. The wood holds screws and nails securely and glues well, allowing for a smooth and polished surface. Woodworkers appreciate White Limba's workability, making it suitable for a wide range of woodworking projects.

Uses in Woodworking

White Limba wood finds various applications in woodworking, including:

  • Furniture: White Limba is a popular choice for crafting fine furniture, especially in making tables, cabinets, and veneered surfaces. Its light color adds a bright and elegant touch to furniture designs.

  • Cabinetry: The wood's fine grain and light appearance make it suitable for cabinetry, providing a clean and fresh look to kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

  • Veneer: White Limba is often sliced into veneer, which is used to cover the surfaces of various wood products, adding a touch of sophistication to interiors.

  • Decorative Woodworking: Woodworkers often choose White Limba for decorative projects, such as inlays, turnings, and sculpted pieces, thanks to its ease of workability and visual appeal.

  • Woodturning: White Limba is a suitable choice for woodturning, allowing woodturners to create various turned items such as bowls, platters, and spindles with precision.


White Limba wood exhibits moderate durability:

  • Indoor Use: White Limba is suitable for indoor applications, including furniture, cabinetry, and decorative woodworking. It is not naturally resistant to insects or decay but can provide good service when properly finished and maintained.

  • Outdoor Use: White Limba is not recommended for outdoor use, as it lacks the inherent resistance to weather and moisture that some other woods possess.

  • Bug/Insect and Rot Resistance: While not highly resistant to insects and decay, appropriate finishes and care can enhance its performance in applications where these factors are a concern.

Please note that specific characteristics and figures of White Limba may vary based on the source and region of growth.

All lumber now ships surfaced on 2 sides, and ripped on 1 edge at a minimum. Surfacing is done to a 1/16th over nominal (+- .030). Also the option for a rip to width is now available for a premium price. Ripping is done on an industrial straight line/gang rip machine. While the rip will be consistent end to end, the fence may not always end up in the same spot between orders. Rip widths will be within 1/8th of an inch of stated widths.

4/4  will be surfaced to 13/16ths.

5/4  will be surfaced to 1 and 1/16th.

6/4  6/4 will be surfaced to 1 and 5/16ths.

8/4  will be surfaced to 1 and 13/16ths.

10/4  will be surfaced to 2 and 5/16ths.

16/4  will be surfaced to 2 and 13/16ths.