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Padauk, scientifically known as Pterocarpus spp., is a group of hardwood tree species native to various regions in Africa, Asia, and the Americas. Padauk is highly prized for its vibrant reddish-orange to deep red color, exceptional stability, and workability in woodworking.

Appearance and Characteristics

Padauk wood is celebrated for its distinctive reddish-orange to deep red color that deepens with exposure to light. The wood typically features a straight to interlocked grain pattern, giving it an attractive and visually captivating appearance. Padauk has a moderately fine texture and is moderately heavy, typically weighing around 3.75 pounds per board foot (849 kilograms per cubic meter).


Padauk is prized for its excellent workability. It is relatively easy to machine, cut, shape, and sand. The wood glues effectively and takes finishes well, allowing for a polished and refined surface. Woodworkers appreciate Padauk for its workability and the striking appearance it lends to their projects.

Uses in Woodworking

Padauk wood finds numerous applications in woodworking, including:

  • Fine Furniture: Padauk is a popular choice for crafting fine furniture, including tables, cabinets, and chairs. Its rich color and striking grain patterns add warmth and elegance to furniture designs.

  • Decorative Woodworking: Woodworkers often choose Padauk for decorative projects, such as inlays, marquetry, and turnings, thanks to its vibrant color and ease of workability.

  • Veneer: The wood is sliced into veneer and used in the production of high-quality veneered furniture, decorative surfaces, and interior design projects.

  • Musical Instruments: Padauk is sometimes used in the construction of musical instruments, particularly in making percussion instruments such as drums, thanks to its resonance and tonal qualities.

  • Turnings: Padauk is favored for woodturning. Its dense nature and striking color make it an excellent choice for crafting bowls, platters, spindles, and other turned items with precision and visual appeal.


Padauk wood offers good durability:

  • Indoor Use: Padauk is suitable for indoor applications, particularly for furniture and decorative woodworking projects. It can withstand normal wear and use when properly finished and maintained.

  • Outdoor Use: Padauk is not recommended for outdoor use due to its limited resistance to moisture and weather conditions. It is primarily chosen for indoor projects.

  • Bug/Insect and Rot Resistance: While not highly resistant to insects and decay, appropriate finishes and care can enhance its performance in applications where these factors are a concern.

Padauk is prized for its rich color and versatility in woodworking, making it a favored choice for various projects where a bold and vibrant appearance is desired.

All lumber now ships surfaced on 2 sides, and ripped on 1 edge at a minimum. Surfacing is done to a 1/16th over nominal (+- .030). Also the option for a rip to width is now available for a premium price. Ripping is done on an industrial straight line/gang rip machine. While the rip will be consistent end to end, the fence may not always end up in the same spot between orders. Rip widths will be within 1/8th of an inch of stated widths.

4/4  will be surfaced to 13/16ths.

5/4  will be surfaced to 1 and 1/16th.

6/4  6/4 will be surfaced to 1 and 5/16ths.

8/4  will be surfaced to 1 and 13/16ths.

10/4  will be surfaced to 2 and 5/16ths.

16/4  will be surfaced to 2 and 13/16ths.